About Our Company 


BioChem Korea is a fast-growing pharmaceutical trading/consulting service company located in Seoul, Korea.


We specialize in supplying various pharmaceutical ingredients including Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Finished Products manufactured by leading Korean pharmaceutical companies to many regions worldwide.  Our main markets are the global regions of Southeast Asia, China, Europe and the Middle East.


BioChem Korea supplies pharmaceutical raw materials such as Penicillin, Cephalosporins, Amino Acids, Freezed-dried Natural Lactic Acid Bacteria with Protein Coating (NON-GMO), and Korean Ginseng Extract Powder.  In addition, we also present numbers of Digestive Enzyme products like Biodiastase, and Lipase in bulk form to digestive preparation user.  The specifications of individual products in details can be seen in our Product List.  The other strong business fields of BioChem Korea is Chemical Products.


At present, our company is emerging in a new field of Nutritional Supplements and Business Development Consulting Service.  Our years of expertise in marketing and regulatory affairs and qualified staffs together expert panelists will give you an right answer for your every needs in medical vicinity industry.


In the new millennium, our goal will remain to do the utmost to become a major player in the international pharmaceutical market.  We are constantly interacting with manufacturers for quality improvement in order to provide top-quality materials to our customers.  It is our belief to be client-oriented and to focus on supplying superior quality products at competitive prices.